Whiteline Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit KCA395 – Evo 8/9

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The KCA395 is designed to raise the front roll-centre geometry by using new specially engineered ball-joints and tie-rod ends while still maintaining original steering geometry. Suitable for both and left & right hand drive vehicles.

The EVO front roll geometry actually encourages roll the lower you go. Tests on the Project EVO showed that raising the front roll-centre resulted in a substantial increase to front roll resistance and a significant reduction in suspension compression of the outside frotn wheel during cornering (less roll).

This improves weight distribution, maintains a better camber angle and ultimately improves front grip. The overall outcome is significantly reduced understeer through reduced front wheel compression, as well as improved steering feel, steering precision and vehicle stability.

Fitting KCA395 is a must for lowered vehicle but can also be used on standard vehicles. Is also designed to be sued together with and complementary to KCA387 steering precision kit.

Weight 5 lbs